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Damn. I guess I was hella needy for fucking points back then. Alright, its ok. You dont have to donate as much points, you can donate one and thats all :33 or MORE if ya want ;D

im poor I need the points.... (not really, only because I want adopts >->)

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Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
Welcome to my account. Take a look, or whatever, and see if you have anything you like from my gallery. I've been a member of dA for five years (counting my last account, :iconxxxcomputergeekxxx:, which I dont use anymore) and I'm hoping I could inspire and get better at being an artist, and writer, in the future.

I shouldn't write much here, considering not a lot of people read bios, I guess, so I'm just gonna mention off a few people who I think helped me along on this journey so far:

0) -insert the name who is doing this meme and if you wish by who you were tagged-

1. :icontheindianacrew:
2. :iconstraylulucat:
3. :iconmangaka-iska:
4. :iconmistwolf4:
5. :iconfrenchhfry:
6. :icondrobledo0926:
7. :icongeminyfox:
8. :iconwolffuchs:
9. :iconfoxcublover:
10. :iconoxarcher:

(sorryyy. you dont have to do this. Its just for fun and im sorry if you dont do tags, I didnt know who else to place on the list so yea.)

1) 9, 4 and you are in one door (i guess it meant dorm?) room. How do you react? 
I'd be very surprised, asked them how we got there before hugging them both and telling Misty, "WE'RE FINALLY HERE IN PERSON OMFG DUDE I LOVE YOU BIG SIS AGH-"

2) 7 wants to see how much progress you've made unpacking.  What do they see when they open the door? 
probably me sitting in the middle surrounded by boxes and possibly clothes or something because I found something and started playing with it.

3) You first class biology you sit beside 2, who forgot the text books. How does the class go?
Fine I guess. Bio was eh.

4) You need help with physics. You ask 1. How does 1 help you?
She tells me that she doesnt know what the fuck is happening and we just suffer together.

5) Lunch time! You sit on a table whit 3,5,8 What are you talking about? 
I dont really know, possibly art some something???

6) 6 tries to steal lunch from 8. What happens?
they possibly get in trouble for fighting Idk.

7) P.E. you teacher told you to do warm up with 10, when a fight breaks out between 4 and 5. What is the reason for it? And what do you two do about it?
Maybe over who can finish the warm ups? We'll just go over and be like "Wtf is happening here, this shit isnt a competition-"

8) First school day done, you are tired aren't you? 1 ask you if you want to go with them for coffee. How do they ask you and what do you say? 
Indiana: Yoooooo PMP, wanna go get some coffee or something??? Im hella tired and want someone to talk to since Lulu's busy.
Me: why not? Can I bring Misty with me as well?

9) You woke up in the night and see 7 about to play a prank on 4. What do you do?
Yell at them not to hurt my older sister but things go wrong. Terribly wrong-

10) Oh noes few days later you lost a bet, now you have to write a smutty story about 2 and 9. What do you write?
Oh god I dont think I'd be able to.

11) There is a party you see 6 and 8 dance. What do you think?
Me: Thats cool. Time to go find Misty-

12) Too much alcohol, you got drunk. 3 helps you to bed. How does 3 do it?

My child carries me to my bed and just plops me down, maybe tucks me in and leaves.

13) You wake up to find 1 sleeping beside you. Your reaction?
Me: Why the fuck am I in your bed and wHAT DID WE DO LAST NIGHT!? ANYTHING?!

14) 3 is sorry about what happened. How does 3 make up to you?
She makes me some walking dead stuff and tells me that sh ships me with Daryl because hey, we all have our fantasizes...

15) Oh Noes! 10 found the story about 2 and 9 you wrote. What does 10 do?
Archer (also known as big bro): What the heck is this???

16) You are in the library and find 2, 7,and 8 whispering in a hurry. They look like they are discussing something important. You move a bit near to them what do you hear? 
They're whispering about which comic con they should go to and if they even have enough money to go to one.

17) 9 tells you a gossip that 5 and 6 were seen making out. What do you think about it?
Lordy lord do they even know each other? And why are they making out....? Im confuzzled.

18) Lucky you! You found a cupcake standing lonely on a table. You eat it. 10 sees you eating it what does 10 tell you?
Archer (big bro): Why are you eating my cupcake?
Me: >-> Th-this is yours.................?

19) You were poisoned to death. You wake up, ah the cupcake was just a bad dream. You decide to go to 5's room for comfort and finds them playing spin the bottle. You walked in as 6 had to kiss 10
Me: Oh daaaaaaaaaaamn my brother getting kissed by...wait this is bad NO-

20) Too late you were pulled into the game 4 and you have to kiss. Uh-oh...
Me: IDC CARE BITCH KISS ME DAMMIT (im super straight, its called being best friends XD)

21) 8 just took a picture of the kiss and tossed the camera to 2 and 2 runs away whit it. Why do you think they did it?
Because they wanted Misty not to delete the photo haha 

22) 9 and you were going to your room talking about the hard exam, when you open the door to find 1 and 7 on your bed....What do you think happened and what are the reactions of you and 9?
They were possibly playing a game together or something, possibly talking about their OC's or something lol. We just back out of the room slowly.

23) 3 decided to tag two people to do this meme, what do you tell 3?
Tag whoever she wants, this was sort of fun lolol xD


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